Welcome to the Contemporary Women’s Writing Association

The CWWA invites colleagues with academic interests in contemporary women’s writing in all genres to join this network. ‘Contemporary’ is defined as post-1970. We welcome input from academics, post-graduate students, writers and performers, publishers and reading groups. CWWA is a Special Interest Group of the English Association.

NEWS: Contemporary Women’s Writing Essay Prize 2018.

NEWS: Call for Content for the CWWA Newsletter

NEWS: Kamila Shamise at Literary Leicester, 18 November 2017.

NEWS: REF Nominations.

Aims of CWWA

  • to act as an international focus for this exciting and expanding area of contemporary writing
  • to encourage the academic study of contemporary women’s writing and its interdisciplinary focus
  • to host regular conferences on contemporary women’s writing
  • to enable links between academics, writers and publishers
  • to facilitate online contacts and information sharing
  • to act as a resource for postgraduate students

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