Contemporary women’s writing is a rich and exciting field which is strongly represented on undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in English Literature and on Women’s Studies MA degrees. Moreover, it features prominently at academic conferences, in the media, in the listings for literary prizes, and at literary festivals. In her book Reading Groups (OUP, 2001) Jenny Hartley revealed that 69% of such groups were made up entirely of women and that among the top-ten authors whose work was selected across all groups half were women.

However, there has to date been no specific organisation devoted to the study of this writing. The Contemporary Women’s Writing Association (CWWA) has been established to act as a forum which will promote and enhance research and the exchange of ideas and information for all who are interested in this dynamic and diverse area of cultural actvity.


  • to promote high standards of research and publication in women’s writing
  • to disseminate information regarding all aspects of contemporary women’s writing
  • to identify and comment upon issues of critical and theoretical concern relating to this area
  • to maintain a website which will publicise events, seminars, conferences, and meetings, review recent publications and promote new developments in contemporary women’s  writing: this will contain information of specific interest to postgraduate students
  • to bring together those with an interest in contemporary women’s writing inside academic institutions and others outside academia including creative writers, those working in the publishing industry, school teachers and members of the reading public
  • to consider how women’s writing is taught in the academy by encouraging discussion of pedagogical, educational and theoretical issues